A parent-to-parent voluntary support group

Board Members & Contacts

National Board is the governing body of Cuidiú. Members from the branches and panels of Cuidiú make up the Board memebrs and directors and we work on a voluntary basis to govern Cuidiú according to our constitution.

It is responsible for areas such as Governance, Policy, Insurance, Branch management, Overseeing new branch and group development, Service Audits, Operating Procedures, Annual Conference, Funding (excluding Breastfeeding Grant, which is largely overseen by Breastfeeding Panel), National Newsletter, Representing Cuidiú at various events, ensuring that Cuidiú has representation with HSE and other governmental Agencies

The Board consists of The Chair, the President plus directors and tutors. 

Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by The Boardl and allocated roles at initial council meeting every year.

Board Details
Chair elected for a two year period by the Board
President elected for three-year term by all members
Antenatal Rep. Nominated by Antenatal Teachers
Breastfeeding Rep. Nominated by Breastfeeding Counsellors
Parent To Parent Support Rep. Nominated by Parent to Parent supporters
Branches Coordinator Rep. Liaises and supports all branches and is the conduit through which communications to and from council take place
5 - 7 Ordinary Council Reps. Elected by all Members and should ideally become Directors of the board. They also feedback to their local area network.

All Board members are elected/appointed at the AGM for a two-year term.

National Contact List 

Cuidiú - Carmichael House, phone 018724501


Board Contact Details
President cuidiucouncilpresident@gmail.com
Chairperson cuidiucouncilchair@gmail.com
Treasurer cuidiucounciltreasurer@gmail.com
General Queries info@gmail.com
Minutes Secretary cuidiucouncilsecretary@gmail.com
Membership Secretary cuidiumembershipsec@gmail.com
Insurance cuidiucounciltreasurer@gmail.com
Antenatal Rep. info@antenatalireland.ie
Breastfeeding Rep. cuidiubreastfeedingrep@gmail.com
Parenthood Supporter Rep. cuidiup2p@gmail.com
Branches Coordinator Rep. cuidiubranchrep@gmail.com
National Newsletter Rep cuidiunnewslettercoordinator@gmail.com

Ordinary Member welcome

Antenatal Education Information

Enquiries About Training

Breastfeeding Counsellor Information

B/F Committee Sec

Enquiries About Training

Parent To Parent Supporter Information

P2P Panel Sec

Enquiries About Training Contact Your Branch

Branch Development – New And Existing Groups/Branches

National Council, Carmichael Centre, Nth.Brunswick Street, d7, cuidiucounciltreasurer@gmail.com

Co-Ordinator Nationalconference Weekend: National Board

National Council, Carmichael Centre, Nth.Brunswick Street, d7, cuidiucounciltreasurer@gmail.com

Health And Safety Co-Ordinator (Including Queries About Insurance)

National Council, Carmichael Centre, Nth.Brunswick Street, d7, cuidiucounciltreasurer@gmail.com

National Newsletter Co-Ordinator

Under Review

Branch details - see the branch section for individual contact details.